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Where the most qualified electricians in Albuquerque offer nothing less than excellent electrical services because we have been in business for the better part of two decades, and along the way, we have picked up invaluable experience and skills to serve the people of Albuquerque better.


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we want to be the last bus stop for all your electrical issues due to electricity being the bloodstream of this digital age and everything we have runs on electricity.

From our mobile devices to our homes, the appliances inside our homes are primarily electric and Albuquerque is no different. With a bustling city with enormous energy needs, it only fits that the service we set up all these years ago continuously provides the excellent electrical service it has been known for.

Our services range from simple repairs like a circuit that trips incessantly or switches that won’t work, to the whole house being plunged into darkness and a myriad of other electrical faults that occur at random times. We have you covered at all times because we understand the importance of the power in your homes and the ease of life it entails. We have simplified hiring an Albuquerque electrician and we have removed the doubts that come with not knowing if the next technician you let into your home won’t blow it to bits by joining a red wire to a black one. Yes, it’s that easy to mess things up, all the more reason why Certified Electrician is the right choice whenever an electrical fault occurs in your home.

electrician Albuquerque

There are a million and one reasons why your appliances and electrical fittings will throw up a fault, but all you need is one contractor to handle it every time. More than handle it, we provide maintenance that ensures that these cases are far and in-between because the electrical space can be unpredictable due to the movement of electrons. At Certified Electricians, the residential electrician Albuquerque residents have trusted for several years to show up when the sparks fly, have made a continuous study of the processes and methods involved in the business of electrical repairs to ensure that their knowledge is always up to date. We understand the highly volatile nature of electricity and we know that one moment everything would be nice and clean and the next, you could have wires in your house burning up. 

We also understand that unexpected causes may be responsible like the power surges that can fry your expensive devices, so before you have to replace that thousand-dollar device, why don’t you call Certified Electrician in Albuquerque to do what they do best? Repair, maintain and fix issues you might not even know are there until that electrical fire at 2 AM. While we recommend the lightest DIY maintenance procedures like ensuring the wires you buy are the right fit, we know that you’re not an expert in this and that’s why we take charge of the situation. We go over your home thoroughly, mapping every inch of the electrical landscape and ensure that it is well accounted for maintenance-wise.

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We want you to let us do the heavy lifting because our customers do not deserve to be in a hazardous situation when they hear a sizzling sound coming from a circuit box in their home.
As the electrical contractors Albuquerque residents have learned to trust, they know that all they need to do is put a call to us, and we’re on the spot ASAP as that is the trust we hope to continue to inspire in the people we serve. The electrical repair Albuquerque homeowners need is the driving force of our establishments, and we have risen beyond the entrapments of making a profit to going all out on customer service because we’re proud to say that we have earned a reputation as the best in the city. Our Albuquerque electricians know that we have one important goal and that is to ensure that your customer’s home is safe at all times. Many fires have been caused by electrical faults that were either repaired wrongly or ignored as unimportant.
At Certified Electricians, we have made this goal the center of our business because safety is our guiding mantra alongside service that rivals our commitment. We take the little things seriously, from a mal-functioning wall socket to power surges to circuit overloads and blown-out fuses, we handle all of them with diligence born from over a decade of hard work and dedication to a cause. We have strived tirelessly to differentiate ourselves from the regular Albuquerque NM electrician companies, who are more focused on maintaining a steady profit rather than ensuring that all your issues are fully repaired the first time. This means, at Certified Electrician, we focus on prevention as it drives down repairs and makes any future maintenance easier for the customer’s pocket and schedule.


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electrician Albuquerque

At Certified Electrician Albuquerque, we stock the best electricians Albuquerque residents can boast of in the city because our services have been specially formulated to ensure optimal satisfaction for our customers, who are the core of our business. We have made it a professional habit to find, hire and train not only the most efficient electrical engineers, but those with the best experience and who have kept up with the lightspeed advances in the industry. As we know, new technologies and regulations spring up now and then, therefore, our job is to keep abreast of these new developments and incorporate them into our drive to serve you better. That’s why we are at the forefront of the latest surge protector in homes and we know the newest and safest switches to recommend to ensure that the safety of your home is never compromised so that you’re never left behind in the wake of new developments. Besides our engineers, we have a team of consultants who research and develop newer and more efficient procedures, which has enabled us to serve you better and remain top of the line over the past 15 years.

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There are some electrical faults that we are specialized in fixing as the electrician Albuquerque NM residents trust to handle. If you notice that your fixtures and switches are pretty warm to the touch and are not cooling down, you need to call us immediately as this is a sign of a more significant problem. It’s second nature to write ‘warmth’ to the circuit doing its job, and while you might be correct, it is most likely a sign that electrical energy is being converted to heat energy, which happens when a breach has occurred in the wiring. It starts off a warming touch, but if left unchecked, it can lead to more significant consequences ranging from a substantial amount of wiring in your home having to be replaced to your hard-earned home burning to the ground. Whether you’re leasing your home or own it outright, this would be a devastating situation we’d like to avoid.

Thankfully, we have identified this issue and understand the consequences of leaving it unattended. We advise our customers, and Albuquerque’s good people, to feel your sockets, fixture, and power outlets regularly or listen for a buzzing sound. Please get in touch with Certified Electrician Albuquerque if you notice any odd warmth so we can arrest the situation before it gets out of hand. Per our cautious nature, we always like to ensure that the most efficient repairs are carried out, and we will always carry out our due diligence before embarking on any repairs. Our professionals are thoroughly skilled in handling such issues and will be more than glad to visit your home on a service call and advise on steps to follow.

albuquerque nm electrician

Being the most trusted electrician that Albuquerque residents rely on means we have to go over and above our service every time, and thankfully we have mastered the art of putting our customer’s homes first. We realize that the needs of everyone are very personal, therefore, we have incorporated this option into our packages, which allow us to offer personalized offers that match your electrical repair needs and ensure maximum satisfaction at the end of the day. We always welcome suggestions, tips, and feedback from our customers on how to serve you better. Another issue we deal with commonly is Frequent electrical surges which are simply spikes in the electricity’s voltage running through your home. While there are a few causes like lightning strikes which you can’t do anything about, other causes often point to looming electrical problems, and the easiest way to identify a surge is sudden your devices suddenly turning off or a circuit breaker suddenly tripping, in some cases, a burnt acrid smell from the wires. Most times, the odd electrical surge goes unnoticed by the residents of a home, but when it becomes a frequent occurrence, it’s time to call in the professionals at Certified Electrician in Albuquerque. Frequent electrical surges are a sure sign that there’s something off in your house’s electrical system, and if left unchecked, will not only lead to expensive replacements as more of your devices are ruined but will increase the odds of a fire.

electrician Albuquerque NM

Another common electrical problem in our homes is sudden dips in power.

We have made a study of this and often found it’s due to substandard materials being incorporated by the original installer of your electrical system into the wiring, outlet fixtures, junction boxes. These substandard materials wear out faster than their counterparts and soon constitute an issue in the power supply that manifests in these dips and electrical surges.

In the case these dips are not attributed to substandard products, then it’s often that the original components have legitimately worn away, in which case we always advise an overhaul, or simply because something drawing too much power has been plugged into the power supply. More so, with Certified Electricians handling the original process, you never have to worry about dips brought about by substandard materials because our materials and parts are sourced from the very best distributors and comply with all regulations. This means that these sudden dips will never be attributed to poor craft if you work with the best electrician company that Albuquerque NM has to offer, which is an electrician working with Certified Electrician in Albuquerque because that is the confidence we have in our competence and skills.

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Another electrical repair Albuquerque residents consistently request there are light switches not functioning correctly. Usually, folks who have moved into new apartments notice that the switches are either not working or do not seem to be connected to anything at all. Other times, residents notice that their light switches have suddenly stopped working, have recessed inward, or just plain unresponsive. This also can often be attributed to faulty parts or parts that have worn away with time. We offer the best repairs and replacement from switches that are sturdy enough to last long and are aesthetically pleasing as well, and that is the reason we have such customized services that cater to the individual tastes of our customers.

Circuit breakers tripping often is another fault that we are familiar with. While we provide advice on distributing the load across the house, we still offer the best circuitry and wiring that handles electrical loads excellently. We often suggest the heavy appliances have a dedicated outlet from them instead of plugging several devices into one circuit through an extension strip’s aid. At Certified Electrician, in line with our bid for satisfaction, we like to study the power demands of your home and streamline our service to fit those needs like a satin glove. Unlike the regular electrical contractors Albuquerque NM residents are used to, we don’t offer a one size fits all solution because in our long years of experience, that rarely ever works. Neither do we suggest unneeded repairs and we also never compromise on what needs to be done because we have had situations where we sensed a minor issue would lead to a fire outbreak if an overhaul weren’t carried out and thankfully, our client trusted us to do what needed to be done. Several years down the line, customers are happy they hired us as we have saved them a tidy amount of money on repairs, fixtures, and maintenance.

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At Certified Electrician, we love to make a profit but never at the expense of the residents who trust us, which is the principal reason we always give the following safety guidelines to our customers:

  • Keep an account of the frequency of your circuit breakers. They are often the first precursor to a more serious fault.
  • Watch for a buzzing sound coming from lights, wires, and outlets as this often indicates that something is burning there.
  • If your lights do a haunted house impression each time you turn them on or turn on several household appliances, it could mean imminent trouble.

More often than people know, rodents can set off electrical faults in your home by chewing and eating wire insulations, leading to a breach where two wires that should typically stay apart come in contact. At the first sign of wires in tatters or frayed, turn off power to that section and call Certified Electrician in Albuquerque to come and handle the situation.

Our latest replacement parts have been made pet resistant, so you don’t have to replace wires so often and overall save money and time. This is the quality of service we assure you as the apex electrical contractors Albuquerque NM homeowners love and respect.

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More than the company with the best Albuquerque electrical contractors, we aim to be your first call regarding the electrical situation of your home. New Mexico is home to us, and this company is more than a business, therefore, it is a chance for us to employ what we know best in improving the lives of its residents by providing the kind of repair services that have absolutely nothing to chance. Being the apex Albuquerque electrical contractors, we are on our toes more than ever, keeping ahead of the competition in innovations and methodologies that improve our work rate and overall service delivery. With us, you can be sure that the service you received in the electrical repairs of your home is unrivaled and is the best you can get anywhere in Albuquerque.

Our friendly staff is always willing to help you get through the slightest bit of doubt you might be harboring because we encourage asking questions and inquiries. We’d welcome you to ask us before trying to carry out repairs yourself because your safety and that of your home is our principal concern. So relax and let the professionals handle it for you because you deserve the best minds and hands on the job to give you a stress-free service at all times. We are always available on our hotlines to assist you in the case of emergencies and situations that require a professional’s immediate oversight. As we’ve said before, we promise nothing but optimal satisfaction for you as this is our daily pledge to our customer we invite to give us a try today.


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