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We have made it our ultimate duty to identify and source the most durable electrical panels that our customers can rely on no matter the electrical situation at home.


We mean panels that do their jobs during electrical surges, during thunderstorms and all electrical disturbances that would otherwise fry an inferior electrical panel. An electrical panel simply put is the point where the wires coming into your home from the main distribution point joins the wires of your home, and it is the distribution juncture where the power is distributed through your home accordingly. This point is often in the shape of a box situated where the utility power lines come into your property, and is often away from the house itself to reduce risks of a fire outbreak.

This simply means that optimum care needs to be taken regarding the electrician that installs and maintains these panels seeing as they’re the soul of the electrical circulation of your home. Think of it as the heart of the electricity in your house, if a fault develops in there and you let just anybody handle it or you run the risk of frying the entire electrical circulation of your home, affect other neighbouring homes, or the risk of fire outbreak. With Certified Electrician, you can be sure that this will never happen as we have a team of the most experienced electrical engineers who have tons of experience in installing electrical panels into homes and ensuring they function properly at all times. We not only install, but we carry out the most all-around maintenance you can get as we understand the importance of having an electrical panel that does its job at all times.


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Yet, if something goes wrong at any point and your lights start flickering on and off, or the panel keeps buzzing then your appliances are potentially being fried repeatedly. If this is happening, then it is time to call in Certified Electrician and let us do what we know best. Our technicians have studied, mastered and implemented the act of repairing electrical panels of all kinds and have developed techniques and procedures that not only make the job easier, but cost you fewer dollars. During our inspections, we thoroughly ensure that every aspect of the panel is fully functional and look out for rusted bits and parts that have worn away from the current surging through them. This thoroughness is the reason Albuquerque residents trust us to carry out their electrical panel repairs, installs, and upgrades.

We work on various types of electrical panels, such as main breaker panels which are the panels that control the power coming into your home and is where power’s cut off from your home in the case of emergencies. Others panels we install, repair and maintain include fuse boxes, main lug panels, sub panels and transfer switches. All you need to do at the first sight of trouble from your electrical panels is to reach out to us at Certified Electrician via our helplines, and we’ll be there to solve the issue promptly.