Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan repair

Ceiling fans are not new features in our homes anymore, and with the rise of extensive home cooling systems that have come up, ceiling fans are slowly phasing out.


repair and maintenance of ceiling fans

This is resulting in the pool of electricians that still handle the repair and maintenance of ceiling fans to become limited. Exotic feature or not, ceiling fans are a cost efficient way of keeping the heat away. An air conditioning unit works best in a closed environment, but out on the balcony and patio during that balmy summer, you need a ceiling fan to cool you. Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes that range from fans with two to four rotors, fans that have multi-speed variations, and fans that are more of a novelty to have. No matter your choice, our ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan repair services are next to none because of how long we’ve been in the industry. We have witnessed the rise and fall of the demand for ceiling fans and have worked on all types that our clients have in their homes. This has built our credibility to offer installation and repair services for your ceiling fans. We know how to source the best fans that not only blend into your home, but work efficiently as well. We do not make compromises as we go straight to the manufacturers of fans that we trust to ensure we get only the fans that will stand the test of time because we have heard stories of fans falling off their hooks, and it remains a story. After all, with Certified Electrician, our fans stay put and whirl merrily away because even before an installation, we carry out our inspections and ensure that the site of installing a fan will hold it for years to come.


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Ceiling Fan Repair

At Certified Electrician Albuquerque, we always advise our customers to save on energy cost with energy efficient fans because they are good for the money, but they are also cheaper and easier to maintain.

In these days of rising electricity bills, we must ensure that our customers get the best value for their money, and a ceiling fan consumes a tidy amount of electricity on the job. We realize that our customers need appliances that do their job without driving up the cost of electricity, and that is why as the apex electrical repair, maintenance and installation company in Albuquerque, we are continually on the lookout for more energy-efficient options for all our appliances. That is why we always present these options to our customers so they can save on energy cost with energy efficient fans.

So, do you need a new fan installed or do you need your current array of fans maintained because of a creaking sound? Have you noticed your fans malfunctioning repeatedly? Then it’s time to bring in the professionals who will install new fans that will last you a long time. Our technicians are adept at repairing ceiling fans, which allows them to carry out repairs beyond your expectation because at Certified Electrician, customer satisfaction is the tenet we live by at all times.