Electrical Circuits & Wiring

Why are circuits and wiring important?

As a homeowner, you might have wondered why are circuits and wiring important? If the electrical panel that controls the current that comes into your home is the electrical heart of your house, then the circuits and wires are the valves and arteries that ensure that this electricity gets to where it needs to go.


Wires are essentially conductors of electricity to where they need to be while circuits control the flow of the current through these wires. At Certified Electrician, we understand the importance of having only the correct wires in your home because the typical electrician may recommend wires that will take the heaviest load for your home, reassuring you that no matter what you plug in, these wires will never burn. However, this sounds good on the surface until you realize that using heavy-duty wires in a typical home puts your home in danger because even when the excess voltage passes through those wires, they go straight to your appliances and burn them up which leaves you wondering why your appliances are fried repeatedly when your wires are fine.

There are several types of wires for different needs in your home. The most common is the NM cables which are commonly found throughout the home, and are usually hidden from view because they are highly dangerous to handle as they carry a very potent charge in them. At Certified Electrician, we source the very best NM cables that meet all standard regulations and building code in Albuquerque due to this cable often forming the backbone of the subsequent wiring system as most homes are wired like this. For that reason, we strive to carry out the installation and maintenance of NM cables with a high level of skill and caution.


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Why should we handle your circuits

UF cables are another variety of major circuit wiring that is used in the home, and often gets buried in the ground which can be suitable for outdoor wiring procedures. As always, we source our wires from the best manufacturers, ensuring that the wire we use is of the highest standard at all times. THNN/THWN wires are the wires which are single conductors and are often used for wiring for appliances like water heaters, hot tubs, ovens, etc. They are equally dangerous to touch when the circuits are turned, which makes it a crucial part within the wiring setup. For that reason, our circuits are often shipped from sources we can vouch for as we realize the importance of having circuits that do their job.

Circuits are equipped with a circuit breaker in the event of a power surge that is potentially damaging to the circuitry, wires and everything else using that current. A circuit with a faulty breaker will either trip at the slightest spike in the voltage or will not even do its job in the first place, exposing your home to dangerous electrical situations. This is why you should let Certified Electricians handle the installations of the wires and circuits in your home as our years of experience in this field points us towards the best circuits on the market and the best wires for your home so you can rest assured that your home is secured and safe at all times.