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The electrical repair Albuquerque residents can rely on is built on a foundation of trust and powerful customer service that is uncompromising and swift to action.


Time and time again we have come in contact with homes that have been wrecked by negligence and a disregard for due process. At Certified Electrician, these cases do not surprise us because we understand that substandard electrical contractors fail to see the big picture. The immense power contained in the wires that virtually run all through your house is the reason we proceed with a high level of caution and skill. There are a variety of electrical faults that can occur throughout the house, such as switches that refuse to work or an entire room with zero power supply. These faults are often connected with problematic circuits that are either out of commission and need to be replaced or too weak to have been installed in the first place.

At Certified Electrician Albuquerque we realize that there are regulations that guide the type of electrical equipment and parts that are used across the world. For example, parts for Europe should not be used in the United States because we have different power requirements and vice versa. This knowledge has enabled us to stall and avoid repeat electrical faults, as many of these faults often result from cheap parts that shouldn’t be in your home at all. We know the value you place on your home, both financially and emotionally, therefore, it is our job to keep your home in top electrical quality at all times.


24/7 Emergency service

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As the apex electrical repairs and installation company in Albuquerque, we welcome any doubts and questions you might have concerning our repair policy. For installations handled by us, we offer guaranteed repairs within a reasonable timeframe. For installations by third-party companies, we encourage you to reach out to us via our dedicated helplines and we will be around to put you through because it is our mission, at Certified Electrician, that our repairs handle the issues once and for all. Our response time and work ethics have been unrivalled for years thanks to our resilience and continuous improvement in our methods to serve the people of Albuquerque better. So you can rest assured knowing that we are a phone call away when you need an electrical fault fixed for good.

In our nigh two decades of working in Albuquerque, we have maintained a track record of customers whose homes we have fixed countless electrical faults and have given peace of mind. They know that Certified ELectrician Albuquerque is always ready to arrive on the spot as soon as we’re needed. Once again, we urge you to let the professionals handle these repairs as we do not want our customers zapped as they attempt repairs by themselves due to the volatility of the electrical current. We are always within reach, unlike the competition because we understand that emergencies always come up without prior warning and a repair has to be carried out immediately. We appreciate the trust it takes to let us into your homes, and we have vowed never to abuse that trust with shoddy workmanship because our customers and their homes are extremely important