Switch And Outlet Service And Repair

Switches are hardly noticed until they throw up a fault, which is no fault of theirs because they are usually tiny and sit on your walls for one sole purpose; to allow or stop the flow of electricity through them.


These switches are the reason we can use all the electricity flowing through our homes in the first place. They are electromechanical devices that form part of the electrical circuit that controls the flow of power in your home. This control includes lighting switches, outlet switches and a variety of other functions that range from simple on-off motions to the speed-changing process of devices like fans.

In homes, the need for switches is often simple and limited to light fixtures and switches that operate fans and other appliances in the home. There are technical terms that explain how a switch works, but the simplest way to explain it is that ‘Poles’ refers to how many circuits that a switch controls, so a single switch could control four lights and so on and ‘Throws’ refers to the positioning of the switch. A double-throw switch means it can operate in two positions which are the ON and OFF positions that we are all familiar with in our home. With Certified Electrician Albuquerque handling the installation and maintenance of your switches, you are assured that the switches we install are of the highest quality and are the right fit for your home. You can always depend on our switch and outlet service and repair as we never compromise on our quality at all times.


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Outlets are channels that enable you to use the electricity in your home, but as you may have noticed, not all outlets look the same in the home. This is due to these outlets having different functions and specifications and different rooms in your home will require different outlets based on their intended function. The kitchen might have specific outlets for the appliances housed here, the outlets in the bedroom will differ from those in the bathroom and the outlets in the laundry room should be fitted with your iron and other appliances in mind. At Certified electrical, we have a variety of outlets to choose from and the required knowledge to properly service and repair them. The widespread, but quick to spoil 15A, 120 Volt outlet comes in two variants: the two-pronged and three-pronged version. They are relatively cheap, but we prefer to think long-term and advise our clients to consider alternatives that are more updated outlet options that can withstand more wear and tear.

The 20A, 125V outlets which are more suited from home with more power requirements and appliances that draw more power. These are the outlets perfect for your space heaters and similar appliances. 20A, 250 Volt Outlets are for even large appliances with bigger power that would drain than the 20A, 125V outlets, making this outlet suitable for AC units and complex HVAC units. Other Outlets include tamper-resistant receptacles, GFCI outlets, AFCI outlets, switched outlets and USB outlets. No matter the outlet, our highly skilled professionals carry out these installations and repairs in record time and ensure that all parts used are authentic and pass international standards of quality.